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Pinterest and the Mason Jar

Pinterest and the Mason Jar


We've been elbow deep into the remodeling of a bathroom we had no intentions of remodeling (a post on this 'terrific' development coming soon) so I've  been a little distracted from my own projects and day job (I've shrink wrapped my office and sewing machine so I'm the girl in the bubble when I punch my imaginary time clock).  Rather than spend my free time reorganizing our bric-a-brac (love that word) in the drywall dust, I'm choosing to grasp at my sanity (those near and dear to me would argue this point) through Pinterest.  Seriously, I'd love to say that stress has driven me to Pinterest, but frankly I could spend every minute of my day relaxing poolside, popping bon bons,  and I'd STILL make the time to pin.  



One of the things I have found myself pinning and re-pinning is the doily mason jar.  I couldn't get that one out of my head..so naturally, since the dust isn't going to go anywhere, I decided to take a "break" and give it a whirl.  This is the image that inspired me:


I had not up until now found a tutorial for this, so I decided to wing it on my own...Naturally, I have since found one, the lovely lady who crafted this very jar.  If you want to take a peek at how she did it, check it out at Crafts by Amanda.

I had the mason jars but not the doilies (oh boy, how I regret having purged those out of my house in the 90s).  I took a leap of faith and ran to Michaels and lo and behold, in their $1 impulse bin I found the doilies I needed.



Plus in my bits and bobs I found these little bits and bobs, they had been waiting for just the right project.



So, I coated the back of each doily with a generous coat of Mod Podge, wrapped it around the jar and then trimmed the bottom so that it would lay flat on the table.  I used the brush as if I was painting in a stencil and made sure the Mod Podge saturated the doily (it dries clear, but makes the color of the doily a little darker, I noticed).



Followed the same steps for the bits of doily on the second jar (and a few votives I had around the house). I've seen this done with paper doilies...maybe next time..Here's the finished product:






And one more, this time using it as a vase:



And so, my love affair with the mason jar, the "perfect" jar, continues..(thanks again, Pinterest!)

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