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Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like…January.

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like…January.

Nothing opens up the velvet rope of the Winter Blues wider than the huge void left after the big cleanup.  And yes, I too am *somewhat* ready to see the pine needles and glitter put away until next November, but still, as soon as the last strains of “Auld Lang Syne” play through the credits of Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve (oh yes, I never miss a good party.), my mind reels with the dread of taking down the decorations that just a few short weeks ago I agonized over.  Its extremely tempting keep my house looking like a float on the Rose Parade straight through Valentine’s Day...BUT, all good things must end...(Who said THAT?  Evidently someone who’d never been first in line in an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet..) Merry and Bright...it made the whole room glow.

Deep breath, storage containers at the ready and now we have this:

This will NOT do.

Turns out that Winter isn’t such a drab maiden after all...greens, browns and whites..and even an occasional red cardinal can all bring a quieter beauty into your home...So, I  shopped in my own stash and backyard and found some simulated icy branches, twigs from my own yard spray which I painted white and pine cones (metallic spray paint is a multi-seasonal wonder) as well as some assorted 70% off holiday odds and ends and voila!  The metallic adds much needed light to what seems like an inordinately dark space after the light show is gone.


Left side of mantle, Winter 2012

I wish I had those lovely light up branches..my dear friend has this display in her foyer...the copper and the lit branches are a beautiful match and really say comfort and warmth to me...

Now I can sit down, relax and enjoy (I only miss my blinking lights just a little bit)...until Valentine’s Day when I will attempt to incorporate red velvet hearts inconspicuously into everything I own...

Inspiration from Vintage Fabrics and Ephemera

Inspiration from Vintage Fabrics and Ephemera