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Trash Day Fireplace Makeover

Trash Day Fireplace Makeover


Is there a sweeter word in the English language than the word "Free"?  (Well, there are a few runners up, but for a junker, "FREE" is an irresistible siren song.)  There I was, minding my own business, like I always do,  when to my wandering eye did appear this amazing FREE faux fireplace, waiting for me to pull over like a maniac and force it into my incredibly expanding car.



My dear friend Danielle, who is in the antique business and a dealer at On a Whim, (a particularly fabulous shop in the neighboring town of Lucketts, VA) and I decided to take this on as a joint project, since it seemed impossible to pass up but almost too much to contemplate for one person.  She started us off with a coat of paint:



Then, brainstorming began on what to do with the hole in the middle.  How about using this?



And this?



Which is where my Dad, the gifted master woodworker, McGyver and jack-of-all-trades came in.  The mirror was not quite big enough to cover the entire back of the fireplace so we came up with building a box to create a display space and support the mirror.  In true McGyver style, he used left over scrap wood from a wood floor installation, fitted them together, and...



I know, right?  He CARVED the grips for the mirror.  He was the All Star in this collaboration, I think.  I'm not going to lie, I would have used Gorilla Glue to hold the mirror in place.  This is above and beyond and its beautifully done.



I covered the exposed wood on the inside of the "box" with the faux metal sheeting I bought at Home Depot and...



I love the reflective quality of the "tin."  Its breaking my heart to part with it, but I've been told there isn't another available square foot of space in my home, so if you LOVE this, it will be for sale at On a Whim this weekend. (YAY and Sniff-Sniff...)



Another surface to accessorize with abandon...



Great group effort, wouldn't you say?


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