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How my house became a home, my favorite DIY projects

How my house became a home, my favorite DIY projects


We were bit by the Flu bug this week (chomped on, actually... it was not our finest hour) so I was a feeling a little scattered as to what my next post would be since my life has been consumed by vats of chicken soup.  However, after a week of spending quality time quarantined in my house, I literally stumbled on what I wanted to share with you guys.  My house has been my DIY lab for the 7 years that we've lived in it, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite projects that turned out so very right (the ones that didn't go so well will be the subject of another post,  I promise). My favorite DIY projects:  

1.  My Accent wall

There was a brief period of time in which Target sold wallpaper and I was lucky enough to be standing next to the folks with the markdown gun when it went on sale for $3.49 a roll.  I grabbed the last 2 rolls of this pattern and declared myself a paper hanger after watching a couple of  You Tube videos.  If you've seen the "Redecorating" episode of I Love Lucy, you can imagine how "easy" it was...Let me say I ended up making this an accent wall because I had NO paper left after doing just one wall.  It was totally worth it.


2.  A repurposed mirror becomes a ceiling medallion

When we moved in, our foyer had a builder flush ceiling light which served its purpose but did nothing for the look of the space.  On a daily scroll through craigslist I found a perfect mini flush chandelier for $15 that was perfect, and I only had to cross a couple of zip codes to get it.  I was going to buy a faux plaster medallion when inspiration struck. I found a broken round mirror at my local Thrift store and the diameter of the opening worked perfectly with my new chandelier. Come to think of it, even if the mirror had been bigger and not broken, it would still have been a great alternative to the medallion.  I love the way it looks even when the light is off.





3.  Oversize mirror in my dining room

This monster was another craigslist find that I drove almost 2 hours to retrieve because it was $15.  The frame was an unattractive green, so a little gold paint and some Windex and voila!  Positioning it against the wall and having it reflect the outside makes my small dining room look much bigger...


4.  Faux molding on my family room wall

I had a wide-open wall in my family room that  I was drawing a blank as to how to decorate without the pictures looking lost.  Then I opened a magazine at the dentists office (it was that kind of a eureka moment, I remember where I was!) and saw what I wanted:  granted, it was ACTUAL molding, but I thought to myself "How hard can it be to paint the same design?"  Turns out, it wasn't easy...there was quite a bit of eye-balling involved towards the end (Math is not my thing), BUT, I'm VERY happy with the way it turned out..


There are quite a few more things that didn't make this post, some I love and some I'm waiting for an opportunity to redo.  The list is long, and the longer Flu season continues, its bound to get longer.


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