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Grandfather (clock) gets a makeover...

Grandfather (clock) gets a makeover...

Few things make me happier than a good curbside find (happy is kind of an understatement, I've been known to hyperventilate and/or ditch passengers in order to make it fit in the car:  "Sorry kids, its been fun but this is where you get off, drop  me a line sometime...") but when a friend recognizes and ENCOURAGES this bliss by bringing her curbside finds to you, then you've got yourself kind of a perfect day. Case in point, I opened my door on a February afternoon to find this at my doorstep:



Pretty terrific, right?   So what if he wasn't working and his shiny gold medallions were a little Solid Gold dancer for my taste, but he had excellent bones and best of all, a removable back.   The A-HA moment:  He's a shelf, he just doesn't know it yet.  First things first, the clock had to go (believe me, I live in a house that sounds a little like Westminster Abbey at every half hour interval, so if anything I need a QUIETER way to keep time..)



A quick coat of spray paint later (I chose spray paint because the wood was thin and flawless, not much room for distressing, but an easy paint job).



In place of the clock face we put an old mirror cut to fit and affixed it in place with Liquid Nails.  For the interior I decided to use one of the rolls of 1930s vintage wallpaper I'd bought a year ago at a particularly fantastic yard sale (I was the MASTER of the casual walk-by, then I snagged them as quickly as possible and practically skipped to my car):




Had a hitch in my gitalong pretty much immediately.  When I attempted to Mod Podge this paper into the body of the clock, I ended up covered in vintage confetti.  It disintegrated.  Completely.  There are regrettably no pictures because my fingers were covered in paper bits for two days.


While I tried to find another suitable paper that wouldn't set me back more than single digits, I asked my Dad (handyman extraordinaire) if he could build small shelves to insert into the clock.  He naturally already had the wood pieces (he's like MacGyver in the workshop--anything you need, he's got one, maybe even two...) and came through beautifully.  After a trip to JoAnne Fabrics for something totally unrelated, I found the pattern I wanted to use for the background...in an outdoor fabric.  A little Mod Podge and:



Its Tangerine Tango (not really, but its my version of the 2012 color of the year)


My dad affixed a few pieces of wood inside the clock to hold the shelves in place:





So, here's hoping that when my friend who dropped this at my door sees this, she doesn't want it back..looks pretty perfect here in my house...He certainly is a fine dressed gentleman, don't you think?

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